February 2021 

The one thing that I want to share regarding preparation for and presentation of this group show is the seemingly random but wholly appropriate juxtaposition of two presences -that of Richard Pawlak's street scene frescoes of brightly clothed people walking, sitting, working.. These vibrant images in the gallery windows are a warm greeting to passersby, and to me, reflect a deep love and appreciation for people. And inside, the collection of undressed, bare-naked people in the month of February, the coldest month, (some would say the hardest month) is on display. Naked in our barest form without trappings we are equal in flesh and bone and mortal love. When it is cold outside, we might have pause to be reminded of the human condition and the struggle for simple existence. What we can praise of the human form, our barest soul, is to appreciate and embrace love and beauty in all forms.

Maybe St. Valentine would approve.  

Thank you and enjoy -
Onset Woman
 33.5 x 44.5 framed acrylic on canvas 
16 x 20 oil on canvas 
ReBirth of a Nation  
24 x 24 acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas 
Sentimental Mood
39.75 x 28 framed ink drawing
Shadow Games I
39.75 x 28 framed ink drawing with watercolor
Body and Soul I
12 x 17 mixed media 
Body and Soul II 
 21 x 26 framed mixed media monotype
Body and Soul III
17 x 21 framed mixed media monotype 
Kneeling Woman
 18 x 22 framed monotype, acrylic and pastel on gessoed paper
Woman with Long Hair 
13.5 x 17 framed acrylic and pastel on paper 
Woman Seated on Floor with Leg Crossed
14.25 x 17 framed acrylic and pastel on paper
Standing Man 
13.75 x 17 framed acrylic on paper
Bather, Bear and Yellow Spark 
24 x 20 x .5 oil, charcoal on canvas 
Seated Man with Long Hair 
12 x 17 oil on canvas, unframed 
on mat and foam board 
Bare Naked Ladies I - VI
16 x 20 and 12 x 18 oil on canvas 
Confidence (Nude Aglow) 
14.5 x 18 framed pastel on paper 
Love Eternal 
Five gallery float-framed prints, part  of a new series of monotypes 
14.5 x 18.5 framed
11.5 x 17 paper  
8 x 12 print  
永遠の愛 (Eien No Ai)
Láska Věčná
Вечная любовь {Vechnaya Lyubov'}
El Amor Eterno
Älska Evigt 
52 x 50 oil on canvas 
Baba's Nude, NFS, oil on canvas, Mohammad Ayaz