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Holden Willard
Abby    52 x 50 oil on canvas 

Biography: I am a current student at Montserrat College of Art studying towards a BFA in Painting and a minor in Art History. At 21 years old, I’ve been painting since my senior year of high school - and drawing ever since I was a child. I find a lot of solace in creating and working, and my process is something I hold close to myself. Painting is a form of catharsis, and it has become the most major facet within my life. I also make music, put on installations and I’m a founder member of an art collective called “Industry”. I was born and raised in Maine, and I transferred to Montserrat during my sophomore year of college.


Artist Statement: My work primarily deals with the figure and its interaction within space; my studies with observation are concerned with how my sight ultimately affects the work. I consider the ebb & flow that comes with every medium’s process, determining the best way to push my understanding of it. As an observational artist when I approach a piece of work I am mainly looking to understand and re-evaluate. My work is always in a flux with no particular attention to certain parts, rather an attention to the whole picture frame is taken. The paintings build an attention to surface, its history and change is analogous to how I perceive people as my perception is a constant struggle. As I have worked and learned, that there is a necessity to remain responsive and to be open to natural outcomes - be it through color, shape and moments of specificity. As long as I remain conscious of this, a visual statement is reached - that is what leads to breakthroughs and ultimately deeper, more understood work. Lately I’ve been considering the potential of time and place within the context of a picture. Addressing that potential will be a major responsibility for me if I want to portray my fears and anxieties into my figure / landscape work. My depictions of loved ones and friends will hopefully bring across a sense of transitioning from boyhood to manhood. Painting, prints, photos that I am interested in have a personal connection... a deep sense of realization, and a “point” that gives it that divergence from the natural world. Upon this realization I found that my up-bringing in Maine could be a point of divergence for me. It’s potential for stark, quiet, bold paintings led me to see that the past has to influence my current and future work. The adventures of the past are now tinged with nostalgia as I face the reality of the future - what it means for me, and to those I love.

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