studio memo
unused but loved (and one retired) images from Nov/Dec 2020
nice day, good day, quiet loving day  12/1/21 .. i think it's the rains 



November 19, 2020 

when you notice a trend, thread or spark in your camera roll..

incidental, spontaneous and intentional light ... lots of green lights...and dark space

and brilliant metals... 

humans being a brilliant amalgam

 a story plate from my femme naive banquet display...

with a poem written, lived years ago..  11/17/20

A Place Above 


It was youth, caving 

on a rise of plateau

late on a summer night.

Stars were out.


He brought a tattered quilt 

that held more promise than the tryst.


The small trees were ragged too,

twisted in dry yearning

and seemed to cry out their

impossible desires. 


The air was moist and pungent,

sumptuous, receptive.

And the raw brown earth had been dug out 

to make a cliff that they two climbed 

to a place above.

shadow on 270 Concord