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Sally Lebwohl 
Confidence (Nude Aglow)


My paintings aim to capture a moment of light, and are inspired by everyday life. Soft pastels enable me to create work that is gestural and saturated with pure pigment on paper. 

My work contains a trace, or more, of human presence, a story unfolding in the landscape, streetscape, or interior space. 


Representational landscapes and streetscapes are derived from places that are familiar to me. I have recently returned to live in Massachusetts, now making my home in Berkshire County.  


The orange cone series, a repeated object in the landscape from my former neighborhood in East Cambridge MA…a symbol of human presence.  Streetscapes, Interior spaces, chairs, inviting or abandoned. Landscapes grab me with their light, often mysterious, and feeling of distance or intimacy. I become more aware of the power and beauty of the world around us as I describe it with color and shape.

I majored in studio art in college, concentrating in printmaking. I then studied architecture, and worked  in photography and marketing in architecture. Next, I was an archivist and worked on publications for art galleries in NYC. While raising a family in NY, CT, and NJ, I earned a certificate in Appraisal in Fine and Decorative Arts, while continuing to draw and work in watercolor, until I discovered the strength and rich pigment of soft pastel on paper.

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