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Richard Pawlak
Woman With A Hair Bun       15 x 13 fresco (16 x 14 framed) on MDF board 

Richard Pawlak is an abstract expressionist painter who was classically trained at the New England School of Art in Boston and Montserrat School of Art by masters Oliver Balf and Paul Scott, who were students of the late Hans Hoffman.


Richard grew up in Chelsea, MA in the 1950s and ‘60s. He has had the good fortune to develop his painting into a mature and profound body of work by drawing inspiration from his childhood and his current Cape Cod home environs. He is also a respected artist in the field of historic restoration who has participated in many projects in the Boston and New England area. Richard is also part of a loving family, husband to his wife of 37 years, Jan, father to children, Jesse and Hannah, and grandfather to Aliyah.  

Ladder         16.5 x 12.5 fresco on MDF board, unframed 
Two Women Sitting           20 x 12.5 (21 x 14 framed) fresco on MDF board 

Richard's fresco, A Woman And A Man, recently won Juror's Choice award for painting at the Cape Cod Museum of Art.

for a closer look at some of Richard's frescoes ...

Girl        9 x 13 (10 x 14 framed) fresco on MDF board 
Fish and Chili         26 x 12 (27.5 x 13.25 framed) fresco on MDF board
Pricing for Richard's work is available by request   (617) 661-5613 
Richard's greeting cards are also on display and for sale at honeyjones 
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