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Perseids/The Keeper

August 5 - August 26, 2021

a one year anniversary show featuring honeyjones' first artist, Mary Jennings and second, Tanya Hayes Lee, along with Frank Capezzera and William Ho

Perseids/The Keeper is the title intended to represent our general condition of being in awe of the power of our elemental universe, an acknowledgment of chaos whilst being inspired to embrace and protect the ones and world we love. I love this show. Say it and they will come. Keep them close.

Please visit sometime during the month of August ! 




Mary and William Thursday August 12,  6 - 8pm 

Tanya and Frank  Thursday August 19, 6 - 8pm 

TEEN EVE Friday August 13,  6 - 8pm
William Ho 

William Ho is an Asian American artist based in Framingham, Massachusetts. He has developed a style of work called Modular Action Paintings. Some of his influences for his recent series include Chinese Scroll Paintings, Dance, Calligraphy, Action Painting, Abstract Expresssionism, and Graphic Novels. After working in technology as a UX designer for 12 years William decided to follow his childhood dream of becoming a painter.

Dance is a big part of William’s life. He has studied the partner dance called Brazilian Zouk for over 10 years and has performed at dance festivals around the US. William’s Modular Action Paintings are a form of performance art not unlike dance. He hopes to find a way to meld his love for painting, dance, performance, and film into unique experiences. William Ho attended Rhode Island School of Design before transferring to Umass Lowell. He graduated and received a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Design.

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