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Vox Scheherazade 

a divine offering of feminine courage, love and forgiveness

featuring the artwork of Anne Marie Delaunay-Danizio,

Loren Doucette and Barbara Trachtenberg

December 5 - December 31, 2021

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The story of Scheherazade is an ancient one that is most often romanticized with images of faraway lands, swashbuckling tales, and an epic musical score by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. honeyjones’ exhibition Vox Scheherazade is a tribute to the legendary young woman herself: not the tales, not the culture, not even the music, lest she be obscured by rose-colored lenses. Our heroine Scheherazade is a young woman who subverts her own death at the hands of a murderous king by regaling him with irresistible tales.

This is a deep and emotionally strong show thematically and artistically. During this month of December, our gallery will be lit within, beckoning you to bear witness and consider compelling images in keeping with the story of our namesake: a young woman in peril who, through sheer force of will, guile, and wit, is able to save her own life and the lives of many women who would have perished after her..a young heroine who offered herself as wife to a king who had sworn to bed a virgin each night and then have her killed in the morning, his sworn revenge upon discovering, and failing to recover from, his first Queen’s betrayal.

It is Scheherazade’s graceful prowess as a storyteller under pressure that saves lives and souls. The story is more than a legend. Rimsky-Korsakov’s piercingly beautiful musical score is the oft-associated ambience for this dramatic scenario in which the symbolic power of Scheherazade is personified in the voice of the violin. The true power lies within Scheherazade’s own voice, her breath, her desire to live and need to survive.


The three artists of this group showing, Anne-Marie Delaunay-Danizio, Loren Doucette, and Barbara Trachtenberg, are displaying artwork that is representative of their own visions and compelling truths, while also paying evocative homage to the infinitely vast, oft-maligned and spectacular journey of womanhood.

In each of these modern-day incarnations the viewer is potentially drawn in by Anne-Marie's corporal, fleshy abstractions in pinks and blue-greens, which seem to expose a woman's inner physical self; as if stepping out completely of bodies, turning inside out, twisting and contorting limbs, and connective tissues... compelled to face Barbara's singular figurative forms which are more than suggestive of real emotional depth, feminist power and reverence for storytelling....and enlivened by Loren's diverse and rich representation of artwork - sacred celebrations of a woman's inner energy and relationship to the world, individual and shared female identity and the power of metamorphosis. 

All three artists offer narratives at varying stages of girl and womanhood, through fears, trials and self-discovery.

Thank you for reading this. I hope many of you will remember the original story of Scheherazade and consider the many parallel and metaphoric relationships to our modern day world and your own lives the artwork in this exhibition hopefully offers. That is my mission. 



the tales, fear, dialogue and the bid for life