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Welcome to our current showing of artwork by Somerville artist Audrey Diallo. This showing is the first in a series of three exhibitions that are connected through multiple themes including those of family, family within historical context, human and cultural survival across borders and time, and the bid for a peaceful and meaningful existence. Audrey’s grouping of artwork here is a love child born of her immersion within cultures and traditions in West African daily life; ways of life that transcend our typically burdened ways of living and do so with grace. 


To read more about Audrey and her artistic statement as well as enjoy images and video of the gallery from our opening events,

please check out the first gallery below. The full grouping of Audrey’s paintings in order as they are currently displayed in the gallery follows.

Details regarding our Community Conversation and other events are coming soon. 


hope to see you at the gallery in the coming weeks! stay healthy :-)  -Julie 

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