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spring 2021 newsletter


Dear friends,


Happy Spring,

time of forsythias and squealing children playing outside until dusk! 

I hope there is light, love, and rebirth glowing for all! 


The winter months have been quieter at the gallery but I’m very encouraged by the growing numbers of people venturing in, and look forward to some actual events and new opportunities as vaccines continue to roll out and we adapt into hopefully easier times. 


In January, as part of the Young Blood exhibit, we featured Montserrat College of Art students, and come June, I look forward to the possibility of a graduation show for these students in conjunction with a celebratory showing of flowers and kisses by more artists for the show entitled June Moon Union


Some of the gathering of Nudes remain, and in general a range of genres will be maintained, including landscapes, a growing collection of unframed prints, the current gathering of photography, and more. 


The Dream, in April, will feature Michael B. Wilson (artwork image below, Sky Music), Cécile Ganne, John Anthony Rizzo, Thomas Rutigliano, Mark Sirdevan, and Memy Ish Shalom. This will be a wild, wonderful, and revelatory show: a chance to indulge in metamorphosis or be drawn into a tenuous realm. One of the featured artists, Ms. Ganne, will be holding court and painting in the gallery during April open hours. Stay tuned for dates and times.

Mr. Sirdevan's original music compositions will accompany the show.


In May, honeyjones will present Beat Frequency/Bossa Nova/Eta Aquariids, an exhibition which will aim to express what is sensed or known intrinsically, in lines revealed between yourself and what is remembered - from one one point or beat, to other places in time and space, creating a pulse. Artists TBD. Please inquire if you have interest! or                                                                     















































CALLING ALL LOCAL WRITERS looking for a space to work. Our patio will be opening up for 3 -4 guests later this spring with reasonable fees to sit and enjoy open air and wifi to work on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.



ARTISTS to lead workshops (esp. seeking classical guitar instructor )


PARTICIPANTS for ballet barre and drama club 


June Moon Union - flowers and kisses

Solace and Saudade - a favorite place 


GALLERY GO-ERS for socially distanced and ventilated gallery openings..


stay tuned !


get in touch !

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