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Art that embodies the power of water to renew, reflect, reconnect

guest-curated by Nancy DuVergne Smith 

featuring artwork by Sherry Autor, Grey and Leslie Held,

      Ching Lai, Nancy DuVergne Smith, Garrow Throop, 

               Sharon Whitham, and Bruce Wilson 

Why am I drawn to making art about water? Water fosters life, nourishes our bodies and minds, and reflects our surroundings with magical lenses. Powerful enough to carve rock and reshape coastlines, water is subtle enough to create meditative spaces through the sound of dripping rain or a paddle gliding through a lake’s surface. In late summer, we particularly treasure its immersive, cooling properties. We are bodies of water, swimming through our lives.

Nancy DuVergne Smith, curator, watercolorist


Greeting and meeting the sea, becoming one with the water in the last hurrah days of summer, and taking a pause to appreciate and respect the smaller waterways, the ponds and rivers that surround and flow through our everyday world...and our rains, in many forms and cycles...Water, water, everywhere, and every drop is precious. Thank you to Nancy for bringing an exciting grouping of artists to honeyjones, and many thanks to the artists for their participation and their passion.

Warm wishes for a beautiful and healthy September to all :-) 
hope to see you soon !

If I'm not at the gallery, I've gone fishing or am being tossed about in the waves!


about the artists
Sherry Autor

Sherry Autor is an artist painting in oil, acrylic, watercolor, and mixed media collage.  Her work has been exhibited in galleries, schools, universities and alternative spaces.


She has traveled and explored in the rainforests of Costa Rica and the Amazon, Africa, China, Alaska, the Canadian Arctic, our National Parks and Europe.


He work is inspired by the drama and beauty of our planet: from the processes and forces of nature, and to its plants and animals.  It is fueled by the environmental crises that we are facing now.

Intertidal Life!_edited.jpg
Intertidal Life 1 
Grey and Leslie Held 

Leslie and Grey have been living, loving, and working artistically, including collaboratively, for many years. Leslie has a long history in wardrobe design and production for theater. Grey often presents his poems and visions graphically, slurring the construct of line between text and visual form. The Helds are shown here with a piano they painted for Newton Artful Pianos.  


Ching Lai

2016-09-22 07.01.11 (1).jpg
Stormy Waves 

Ching Lai grew up in a remote part of Malaysia. She started drawing at a very young age. Her paintings are often inspired by views in nature such as the coconut trees and beaches that surround her hometown. A History of Art class taken in college opened her eyes to many master painters and instilled a lifetime of art appreciation. Johannes Vermeer, John Singer Sargent and Edgar Degas are amongst her favorites. Although she has pursued a career in technology, she has made art her hobby. She finds time to paint during annual summer vacations in Nova Scotia, and on weekends or nights with friends in Lexington, MA. She is now the board member of the Newton Watercolor Society. (bio courtesy of Newton Watercolor Society)

Nancy DuVergne Smith 

What Floats 

Nancy is a watercolor artist, Co-President of Newton Artists’ Association, and honeyjones’ first guest curator. honeyjones is delighted to be showing artwork under her lovely theme, fully titled, Regarding Water: artwork that embodies the power to renew, reflect, and reconnect.  


From Nancy’s artist website: 

“Art is a burst of life that leaps from the artwork into the eyes, the brain, and the very cells of the viewer. It is visceral, enigmatic, pulsing with vitality. For me, form and watercolor are the expressions of this life force. I wet my brush and see what happens. Sometimes it’s wonderful, sometimes not, but it’s always an adventure…”

Garrow Throop

Garrow-LOW TIDE .jpg
Low Tide 

I love the combination that the realism of photography and the fantasy of watercolor/acrylic painting gives me. My journey has slowly morphed from one to the other and it has given me an insight as to what we actually see and what we think we see.

Sharon Whitham 

I am a printmaker and mixed media artist inspired by the beauty, resilience and changes that occur in the natural world, and most especially the paradox of permanence/impermanence.  I am interested in the organic shapes and patterns of mountains, rocks, shells, molds, feathers, tree bark, grasses, moss, etc. I am drawn to these by their beauty of design and shape, their color, a sense of history, connectedness and transience. My work has elements of both the representational and the abstract, using images from the landscape, patterns in nature, and spiritual imagery. Themes in my work include loss, change, permanence/impermanence, cycles and rhythms, spiritual and physical journeys and exploring bigger questions of who we are, why we are here, and our connections to each other and the natural world. Recently I have been influenced by the crises around climate change, immigration and social justice.

Bruce Wilson 
A Boy and His Frog 

Bruce Wilson is a fine art photographer whose work reflects his broad interests in the beauty found in nature’s smaller landscapes and serendipitous encounters. These interests and the challenge of portraying them in an original manner balance the technical work that has made up the majority of his career as a mechanical engineer.

from our well-attended opening reception :
IMG_0775 (1).jpg
IMG_0770 (1)_edited.jpg
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