honeyjones is looking for enthusiastic and compassionate independent instructors to lead groups on a contractual basis. Local, well-established but also aspiring leaders in their fields would be especially welcome to inquire. 

 ...especially seeking interested instructors and participants in artistic, wellness and restorative fields and projects such as yoga/breathing/meditation, ballet (mainly barre), restorative bodywork, photo/art exhibits, poets/writers' workshops...

...I can see the light...roll!  

Forward! Drive! Green lights! Green lights!...

Yes, who's there now, can I help you ? 

Did you put your money in ? Yes, I put it in..

it say go, I say go, she say go, so we say go,

'cause I can see the light..

coming on forward motion across the ocean, an' up the hills, yeh boys, lets strike for the hills...

from "Broadway"  (Joe Strummer and the Clash)