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Welcome, viewers, to a a very warm and inviting show.
This gathering reminds me much of the beginning days of the gallery; the simplicity and loving wholeness of that impetus..
To share again some phrases I used earlier to describe the semblance and meaning behind a showing called Ova...
an organic feminine showing of 2D and 3D ceramic and sculptural works in neutrals, naturals and duotone…(and with sparks of color, too) ...the flurry or fury of chaos reigned into conception with packaging that says “safe passage” ...I am whole, I am a vessel, I will make it.

Organic and minimalist interpretations of the symbol of the egg form as life-carrying union and vessel, keeper, and protector, and as a new beginning...  conception of an idea...emergence of life.

Ova is a gorgeous showing of ceramics created by Tomoko Terashita, Kyoko Ono and Joji Goto…

 and 2D works by local artists Jenka Foreman, Betsida Abebe, Tomoko Terashita 

as well as duo-tone paintings from the gallery’s  inventory of mid-century paintings by deceased artist Myra Wilson.

On view through the end of 2022, OVA promises to be a welcoming stopover on your holiday season walks and shopping journeys.

happy holidays to all, 



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