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Meditations on Climate Crisis: Inspiring Change 2022
The i3C Group Exhibition 
curated by Adriana G. Prat
CLOSING RECEPTION November 27, 2022 
scroll down to the end of page for images and video from our recent events 

Welcome to a return engagement with Adriana G. Prat's dynamic, itinerant and intrepid evolving group of artwork and artists united through climate crisis activism. Recently established under the title of i3C (inspiring change for the climate crisis) and representing artists from the Northeast US, Alaska, and Canada, works are carefully and thoughtfully chosen on merit of commitment to the cause and individuality of artistic process. This is an inspired endeavor months in the planning but open for public viewing only in brief stints at rotating venues... in efforts to increase awareness and promote positive domino effects of mindful existence with the help of ... everyone. The mission is all-encompassing. Please help us in support of the chosen work of this group if you would like to believe in a future with less or no reliance on non-renewable resources, a future with drastically reduced levels of human consumption, drastically reduced levels of toxic waste released into the environment at the hands of humans, and a greater understanding of and commitment to individual and collective action to make strides across geographic and socio-economic borders to heal our planet. Support comes in many forms and the work is more than worthy. 

yours, in awe of the natural world 



a few images from the exhibition, including from our opening on Friday October 21. Video coming soon. 
Artwork images in order as exhibited in the gallery. Click on images for introductory details. Links to more artist information below. 
from curator Adriana G. Prat: 

The current environmental crisis is multifactorial: pollution, extreme weather, loss of biodiversity, and the obvious social impact: climate injustice - too complex and yet too urgent. As individuals, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless at the magnitude of the problem. We wonder, “How can I contribute to the solution?”


Each i3C Artist has wondered about our role in the solution of this urgent global issue. The i3C Artists are over 20 multidisciplinary artists from New England, New York, Pennsylvania, and Canada, diverse in backgrounds and art practices, who share a personal and artistic commitment to the topic of the natural world and the environmental crisis.


In our artistic explorations, some address the impact of consumerism by reinventing reclaimed materials (Sarah Meyers Brent, Cedric Harper, Martha Heller, Rebecca McGee Tuck, Jeffrey Nowlin, Steven Rudin, Yulia Shtern, Adriana G. Prat), or by creating a dialog with humanity's waste and pollution (Carol Moses, Michaela Morse, Michaela Nielsen). Some explore the effect of climate change in our local communities or global ecosystems (Krisanne Baker, Steve Bennett, Michael Manning), and others celebrate natural beings and their interconnection, pointing to their unique beauty and vulnerabilities, and even to the spiritual and moral obligation we humans should have towards our common habitat (Muriel Horvath, Maria Celeste Linardi, CJ Lori, Shelby Meyerhoff, Paula Pitman Brown, Cynthia Staples, Luna Sconty). Of course, this categorization is a simplification, since our work and inspirations are rich and complex and most of our creative explorations tackle various aspects related to the natural world and the environmental crisis.


The exhibit viewer is invited to explore the complex feelings that the environmental crisis can bring. The goal is to inspire a sense of wonder in the natural world, as well as an awareness that change is not only possible but also a necessary and powerful element for critical environmental transformation.  


Awareness and recognition of the crisis are the first personal steps to change the current trend. Let’s tap into each of our creative strengths, assess our lifestyles, and find one or more actions, of any size and dimension, that we can implement in our lives to create the ripple effect needed to resolve this global crisis. Let’s act together! Our joint force is fierce and the world and those in power are watching us.


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