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Paintings by Mario Torroella on view through February 25, 2024


Welcome to an exhibition of paintings by Cuban American artist and local Cantabrigian Mario Torroella. 

Mario's works are wildly vivid visual memories of his first home in Cuba. Juicy mangos, papaya, watermelons and palm trees, fronds and tropical flowers are often the focus as well as backdrops and atmosphere for more complicated scenes which speak of Cuba's early and violent histories. These deep and troubled histories include the meshing of the religious deities and cultures carried by the African Yoruba people who were brought to the Caribbean as slaves with those of established Catholicism and the socio-political unrest and bloodshed of the 20th century in Cuba.   

This showing was initiated by Mario's daughter, Eugenie, who also created the accompanying playlist of long respected and lesser known Cuban musical artists.  Also included below is a video created several years ago by Mario's son, Pablo. It is a lovely expression of the artist's background, intentions and process. 

This showing will be on view through February 18. Please contact Julie ( for private showings and private events. Regular gallery hours and events are listed on the home page.  

More about Mario, including his bio and statement are within the gallery of paintings below. The bio begins in the Mango frame. 

just a few pics from Mario's talk last Saturday, February 3rd at which the artist shared candidly about his early life and brief return to Cuba and much in between ...Thank you Mario ! 

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