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This holiday season as we are facing another winter saturated by the realities of global strife and fears, honeyjones is fortunate to be presenting a historically significant and uplifting semblance of ceramics designed by Eva Zeisel. Evidenced through her very long life and career, Eva is an enduring symbol of the transcendent, sustaining power of a nurturing spirit to lead functional and whimsical domestic design, a spirit which appreciates the simplicity and joy of our daily rituals, including in, and through, times of hardship. 


This grouping of vintage ceramics is offered for sale by local collector Arvind Borde, who, along with his family, had and has, a meaningful and personal connection with the artist and her family. Eva Zeisel was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1906 and lived to be 105 years old, passing in 2011. Her life's work is succinctly written and shared by Arvind in the slide gallery below.  

Coinciding serendipitously with Eva's ceramics are the mixed media paintings of Barbara Trachtenberg, who has been on a years-long journey to know her own Hungarian ancestry. Barbara's mother, Hajnal Frisch, was an opera singer who traveled to Europe to perform and visit family at virtually the same time that Eva was imprisoned in Russia. It was my original intent to express the connections in these women's lives, that they may have known each other as contemporaries.. that they were ships passing.. Originally this showing was titled, Passing Vessels.


Eva Zeisel Ceramics will be on display and available for purchase through December 23, 2023.

Shown below are several pieces and groupings, in somewhat chronological order beginning with newer vintage and somewhat rare authorized reissues and moving through original vintage and hard to find pieces. This is not nearly the entire display. More items will be added soon. Please come see them for yourself in person !

Please email with questions, including about pricing and additional viewing hours. 

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