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end of year 2020 message 


honeyjones, for those of you to whom I haven’t explained, is a play name from childhood and now spirit guide who is part four-year-old girl, part bear. This is one manifestation. honeyjones is really a wanderer who would prefer not to be bothered with much other than the ease of a summer day (or meditative play in the snow)..but in the adulthood trappings of society, she must find a way (that is the quest) through all the brambles; the constructs, the monsters that keep her perpetually streaking with vigilance through the grasses when she is not able to just amble through. 


The gallery, I think, is a success thus far in part because it has and will continue to be a way through in challenging times. The doors opened in late July, we kept them open or ajar, for fresh air..and have since made many friends and many sales of artwork. We have become known in the neighborhood and are establishing a community. 


Social media is growing, virtual platforms are budding, but I’m especially delighted with the unique, safe encounters that we have had in person at 270A Concord. Having said this, I will be encouraging viewings by appointment in the coming months and will also be utilizing virtual platforms more regularly for showing and telling and selling. 


THANK YOU to all the neighbors and visitors who were lured or propelled into our space. This is the point. I hope it will be much easier to engage one another this way in 2021. 


Running a gallery is not necessarily what I set out to do just prior to the pandemic, but I have been really thrilled with this endeavor, experimenting with and adapting the use of the space. Meeting the artists has been an honor and a joy. I’d like to send thank yous to those who have shown their works thus far, with gratitude for their individual spirits and gestures, and to all, their willingness to share a side of themselves.  




Mary Jennings for being the first...,

Tanya for comradery

Richard for signage and a phone call

Mary C. Sullivan for hopeful serendipity

Cara for unique artistic process

Sally for enthusiastic legwork and laughter

JP for leading our patio watercolor class 

Meg for encouragement from a distance

Joanne for open ideas and confidence

Brigitte for flexibility and exuberance

Barbara for being on top of everything

Diane for being so generous with color 

Gwen for praising Yupo paper

Maura for the surprise of watercolors 

Sirarpi for Friday evening visits 







Young Blood - a January exhibition featuring mainly young artists 18 -25 but extended to include artists of any age who have returned to formal schooling to pursue a degree. I am thrilled with the artists we have included so far and will be happy to add more artists if space allows. We will also hopefully be offering virtual studio visits in efforts to unite emerging artists with seasoned veterans in their fields..and hosting a virtual party of some kind on the 28th. 


In February we will grace honeyjones with an exhibition of Nudes in the gallery and are currently accepting submissions of 2D and 3D work through January 15th at least. 


March will be dedicated to black and white photography, a visual form that is very dear to me. (Bend It Like Boubat, Brandt and Cartier-Bresson). This prospect promises to be a significant departure from artwork to date and is not limited to the style of the photographers in the title, but I am looking forward to lots of contrast, contours, and poignant slice of life moments.  


And a head's up, I will be sending out a call for two other shows I’m very excited about …


The Dream/Surrealism/Magic Realism -  artwork of any medium that loosens or seduces our sense of visual reality. 


and a call for a May showing, asking for pared-down simplicity of lines and accent on a point or moment of light and rhythm...a converging sense of timing, the cosmos and the beat of the heart, Beat Frequency/Bossa Nova/Eta Aquariids



In general, I will be highlighting or featuring artists in conjunction with the greater themed collections…and have shows on deck through August, including my own sculptural works, so please stay tuned, keep honeyjones on your radar, and stay safe.


Again, I will be posting changes to virtual formats, and expect the next months to be increasingly virtual. Please consider private or Zoom visits! 


Here’s to you all and to the positive things to come out of the year 2020, and to hoping for a fruit-bearing sustainable existence full of life, art and dialogue in 2021. 


Images below, one of the last windows of the year, an homage to caretakers of all kinds, those who watch over the land and waters, all living things, the trees, the animals and human beings.


happy new year ! 








left window, A Billion Animals, acrylic on canvas, painted by artist Barbara Trachtenberg, in remembrance of the tremendous loss of wildlife during the Australian bushfires of 2019/2020

right window, vintage artwork of unknown origin other than the artist signed is 

S. Harris and the painting looks to be some kind of gouache and possibly airbrush on light board panel. 

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