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The Road 

a themed collection of paintings, collage, and pastels by local Boston and New England area artists  


The Road 

It is and has been already a huge pleasure and distinct honor to present a collective vision through these talented folks’ artwork. The idea forThe Road art show arose from a blend of serendipitous encounters, quarantine ennui, and eternal wanderlust and other yearnings. The allure and promise of the road has only increased in symbolic resonance in this time of unknowns and immobility. And I hope viewers, virtual and actual, will fully appreciate the artistry of each work in this show, and be swept or pulled along on the roads in all of their manifestations, as relics of the past or trails to the future, roads back home or unknown paths beckoning you to enter. The journey to the next place or space, and the longing for motion and discovery is ever present and palpable. I hope you will take this time to take in the ride or stroll with us, through the tall grass, welcome surprises, suggestions of song, and friends along the way...


honeyjones studio and gallery owner 

South Cape Road.jpg
South Cape Road

                                                                                                 Richard Pawlak


Richard Pawlak is an abstract expressionist painter who was classically trained at the New England School of Art in Boston and Montserrat School of Art by masters Oliver Balf and Paul Scott, who were students of the late Hans Hoffman.


Richard grew up in Chelsea, MA in the 1950s and ‘60s. He has had the good fortune to develop his painting into a mature and profound body of work by drawing inspiration from his childhood and his current Cape Cod home environs and is also a respected artist in the field of historic restoration who has participated in many projects in the Boston and New England area. Richard is also part of a loving family, husband to his wife of 37 years, Jan, father to children, Jesse and Hannah, and grandfather to Aliyah.  


honeyjones studio is honored to be showing South Cape Road as part of our current showing, The Road. We look forward very much to the possibility of showing more of Mr. Pawlak’s art in the near future. 

Meg McLean 
Toll House Road


Meg McLean holds a Masters Degree in Art from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan, the state in which she was raised, on the Upper Peninsula near Lake Superior with big skies, clean air and lots of lake blue hues, all of which inspired her earliest artworks. She came to the East Coast for undergraduate studies and later returned to the east to settle in rural New Hampshire, a home which has and continues to provide inspiration for her paintings and illustrations. 


Meg has shown her work over many years at several galleries and sites throughout New England, including with Copley Society of Art. She is highly regarded for her luminous and distinctive landscapes as well as for her whimsical paintings featuring sheep. 

Screen Shot 2020-09-27 at 6.29.53 PM.png
Moon Greens 

honeyjones studio is very grateful to Meg for her participation, especially so for entrusting the delivery service with the safe passage of her works and the studio for displaying her artwork even though she will not likely be able to attend a showing at this time. We hope to see Meg and her beautiful landscapes in future shows.

Cara Foster Karim
Washed Away

Cara Foster Karim is an artist working primarily in mixed media. Cara studied studio art with a focus on oil painting and sculpture at Dartmouth College but then worked for almost 10 years in affordable housing and urban planning before coming back to art full time. Cara lives in Somerville with her husband Tay, 5-year-old son, Peregrin, and 2-year-old daughter, Chloë Joy. Besides art, Cara is also excited about spending time with her kids, immigrant and refugee advocacy, and building community.

Inman Sunset

Cara uses newspapers to collage urban landscapes as well as abstract scenes. It’s a messy, iterative process that is the perfect way to explore the beauty and diversity of our communities through not only line and color but words, language, and text as well.

She collects newspapers printed in a variety of languages and scripts, including Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Bengali, Urdu, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.  She glazes and tints the newsprint before cutting it up, soaking it in water, and painting it onto her canvas; and then glazing and painting over it some more.


She uses this process to depict layered, text-filled city scenes including skyscrapers, sidewalks, bridges, and neighborhoods. Her desire is to show that immigrants from around the world are a foundational and beautiful part of our cities, communities, and neighborhoods. In her work, the built environment reflects and represents the diverse people who live in it, create it, and give it meaning. 

Cara's website:

            instagram: @cara_paints


Tanya Hayes Lee 

Tanya Hayes Lee is a visual artist who works primarily in oil in a modern abstract impressionist style. Her paintings convey the sublime in nature and are visual metaphors for our relationships to the world and each other.

She studied studio art at Mass College of Art, Scottsdale Artist School, and Northern Arizona University. Lee lives and works in Cambridge and exhibits at the Rockport Art Association and Museum, Cambridge Art Association, and Cambridge Fort Point Arts Community, Arlington Open Studios, as well as sundry traditional and non-traditional venues.


Many of Ms. Lee's works, including her recent Veil Series (of which some paintings have been chosen for recent online exhibitions with Bromfield Gallery and the Cultural Center of Cape Cod) have been on display in the studio windows and interior and remain in the gallery wall oppositeThe Road showing.

The Road Not Taken 
Sally Lebwohl 
Screen Shot 2020-09-27 at 6.28.53 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-09-27 at 6.29.26 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-09-27 at 6.29.05 PM.png
Nantucket Coral
Parched in Tuscany 


Sally showed up at the honeyjones doorstep with a very light-hearted and energetic manner and unpacked parcel after parcel of her artwork, some in boxes, some wrapped in papers, and others in a flowered pillowcase. I was immediately impressed. She had driven in from the Berkshires that morning on missions not for art only but with the intent to care for her mother who lives locally. And after unpacking her gems, and since we had already conferred about a concern for lack of framing, Sally just had at it, and spent the next hour or so trimming, fitting and exacting details to ready her works, just doing what had to be done, on the floor of the studio, all before whisking herself off to other missions with the offer to leave many artworks and to bring more. An abundance of beautiful works and the promise of possibly more. Bona fortuna. 


Sally has been affiliated with Somerville Open Studios at Vernon Street in the last year and has exhibited and been honored with awards at several galleries and sites throughout New Jersey, New York and New England. I am personally blown away by her ability to use pastel to depict light and shadow. She is an artist who will make you fall in love with pastels.

Jean-Pierre DuBreuil 
IMG_3243 (1).jpg
Back to the Barn

Jean-Pierre (JP) and his 1952 Citroën glided into a parking spot in front of the studio a few weeks ago to bring his painting “Thunderstorm on the Beauce” for The Road. After talking a bit and showing other paintings for my consideration, he got right back in his sweet car and drove back over the bridge to Boston to retrieve a second painting, counterpart to the Beauce, “Back to the Barn”, both now beaming, alive with color, on the gallery walls.  


JP grew up in France, about 70 miles south of Paris in a region known as Beauce or

The Beauce. Although living in the states now for many years and pursuing many other interests, he has been painting vivid depictions of not only his home in France but of his travels to Mexico and Lake Superior, Michigan for many years as well. Of note are a collection of paintings under the theme Provence, which has been among the last allowable physical objects at Mass General Cancer Ward during the current Covid era. 


JP lives in Boston with his wife of many years. They have two grown children and a young granddaughter.

Mary C. Sullivan 
Route 128

"For the past six years, I have driven almost forty miles each way to get to work. I have been stuck in traffic for hours, I have gotten flat tires, I have had many near accidents . . . and I have witnessed countless moments of incredible beauty. This past year has been strange and difficult for many reasons, but it is my commute that I find myself thinking about most often. I didn’t realize it, but Route 128 had become an old friend. I miss seeing the same purple jeep and air conditioner repair truck driving to Gloucester at 7 am. I miss watching how the changing seasons color the trees and wildflowers that grow in the margins.


Most of all, I miss going places. I miss the gentle curve of the highway disappearing into the distance. I miss imagining that I could turn off some random exit, call off work, and go someplace strange and amazing. 


I hope that these paintings capture some of the mystery and allure of the open road. Even if we cannot travel in the way that we used to, there is still a world that beckons beyond this bumpy stretch of pavement. And who knows what might be around the next corner?"

                                                 - Mary C. Sullivan

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