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Thank you to the wonderful artists of our Cosmos exhibiiton; Frank Capezzera, Rosanne Di Stefano, Brad Casler, Sergiy Kyrychenko, Lucie McCormick, Carol E. Moses, Emily Song, and Shahen Zarookian..and to the many friends, family, neighbors who joined us for our events this time around as well as throughout the month during open gallery hours. 


a welcome 


On my last trip I was pulled into the Mediterranean Sea and propelled upwards on a hill path to the lighthouse.

Sea moon pull.


And then in Paris, a waxy crescent friend peeked from behind a cupola over the Pont Neuf. 

My gaze back- pull me back the tide, tide. I want to go back…


You are only ever a certain amount of steps from starting over, the next place, the new thing, a second chance…a return. Is it not what we all wish? How long will it take? It will take time. Tomorrow is another day so we will keep spinning. How many steps did we walk on that given day? Our phones know! Now we know that 24,000 steps is a jolly respectable amount, and that a certain asymmetrical gait percentage is unappealing… No matter. One step is for mankind. Hope = love with zero down and zero gravity.  No? Maybe hearts and flowers.


Can we build anything or break it down, by strand and by molecule and start it over …do one more over and make it twice as nice with a clone? Não existe um planeta B.

After this there is nothing. There is love.


Yes, that’s the Big Dipper up there and others. I wish they had not created orders for them, though. No more orders please, no order please. I’d like to order something off-menu, very off-menu… a 1961 Chateau Lafite, a bucket of cockles and mussels and a view of the sea from a swing in a tree. Have you got that hiding away? I know the kitchen is still open as long as the chef is lurking around. Make me swoon. Don’t let me leave the Mediterranean coast. Turn back time, tilt the planet. You had me at the moon, Universe. My multiverse, my multiverse, my multiverse is clones of the Mediterranean sea, sea, sea and me in it. Me in the sea and me in the sea and me in the sea and the waves are rolling and rolling and rolling squared infinitely.

Symbol for infinity. 











Well, maybe I’d go to the Pleiades. But are the sisters still, ahem, alive and ticking? Yes, of course they are but I would be 4000 years old when I got there? No, that’s not right.  You see, I get so easily confused with particles and matter and quantum mumbo jumbo. I’ve tried.


Our little big friend at the center of our galaxy, he who shall be unnamed, I’ll call him Fred - I might be scared of that dude. But, no, I’m not really… he who can’t help himself and might even mean well. Let it go, Fred. Be nice. 


Why am I afraid of so many things but not afraid of space? Why do I not fear it, the open vast all encompassing foreverness? There is no swaddle, no baby bunting, no harness except one in which to keep you from floating away (because they want you back here and with evidence).  Call the court to order! Your honor, I‘d like to submit Exhibit A to the court, if it pleases the court and it will, freshly returned from the outer limits of time and space, a human form made of dust and dust and stars! I think this form has been here before. She belongs here but she keeps trying to leave. She’s a repeat offender. 


But what if somebody is fine with floating away? The dream, the notion of it! There is no weight and no burden. Can this be love? At the end of the day - acceptance, no fear, letting go…A fall…into another day or dimension, another entity’s benevolent arms, grace, gaze.


In solidarity with one track mind stargazers, idealists and romantics but stuck in the proverbial sea and mud with y’all with many ways to figure it out and complete a circle, 




p.s. Please enjoy the show, visit again soon and stay heavily and heavenly in tune, for next year cometh tiny miracles in Baby Cosmos… 



Frank is showing selections from his recent series

“The Self as Universe:  Figurative Musings in Cosmology,

or The All Encompassing Universe”  


an excerpt from Frank's Cosmos statement

Frank's full statement is in the gallery 


 ...During the Pandemic, I found myself becoming immersed more deeply in these worlds of discovery and following lectures in cosmological subjects. And I wanted to infuse somehow in my painting the sense of awe I experienced as I waded through general and special relativity, quantum physics and the search for the theory of everything. The Self As Universe became the theme. My experimentation has been in how to join human images with the cosmological concepts that have provided so much excitement for me...


...the titles are meant to give clues to the viewer about what I was thinking as the paintings emerged. Topics include entropy, quantum uncertainty, black holes and elements of leading theories of the workings of matter and energy on the very largest and very smallest of scales.


IMG_6043 (1)_edited.jpg

I am a native Bostonian, and I’ve spent the majority of my life here except during some summers growing up when I lived in Maine. At this time, I welcome the change of seasons just as I am entering the very long last season of my physical existence on this planet. As my life pivots, so does the texture of how I visualize my surroundings and the world. This push and pull of my desires allow me to feel the flow of the paints.


Being an abstract expressionist artist, I draw upon my experiences and the flavors, smells, sights and events that move my mind and spirit. I absorb all of this like a sea sponge and put it into my work. I typically do not expect the surprising results that come out of my artwork, but I approach the canvas with an open agenda as it lies naked in front of me.  


Rosanne Di Stefano (RD) is an astrophysicist and artist.  Her work is motivated by a sense of connection among diverse objects and peoples and is very much informed by her cosmic education; astronomy being a wonderful example in which structures and processes associated with one phenomenon, such as supermassive black holes, are also present and active on many other scales.

Di Stefano's artistic focus is typically not on astrophysical phenomena, however, but is instead on the inherent beauty of the many connections between people and the unity of the underlying rules that produce the whole.

Di Stefano has studied at the Art Students League of New York.