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On July 10, 2022, honeyjones was fortunate to be able to extend a free community tea pouring to our community in collaboration with Broken Cup Teahouse, a venture formed by Yin Guan and Michelle Nip. This special event was hosted by Yin, who through her travels has made many discoveries in the vast world of tea varieties and brews. This has been her focused passion for years and one which she loves sharing with other interested audiences and tasters... 
Yin has also produced cold brew drinks using Yuzu and other exotic base ingredients. These and all other Broken Cup Teahouse products are beautifully packaged, consciously sourced merchandise purposely intended as vehicles through which people can unite, bond, and experience a social and sensory moment together that does not have to be through alcohol...:-)  
look for announcements for upcoming tea pourings from Yin and Michelle, which are unique opportunities to experience and learn about tea culture and to relax and enjoy the newness of aromas and flavors through a beautiful tradition.
Bookings will be  available by reservation in the coming weeks. 
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