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Dear Friends, honeyjones will be closing at the end of May.

Read the love letter here

Join us this weekend, May 18 and 19 from 12 to 5 both days to enjoy informal social time, greetings and farewells as we round out a four year adventure by appreciating the past, our present and hopeful futures. Offerings and highlights below. There may be a few surprises !

As I am transitioning out of the honeyjones physical space and arts business, I will be using this website to transition into, record and share artwork that I have have been working on, specifically a print project years in the's a few images of proofs with light descriptions...  Julie (honeyjones)

270A Concord Ave. 
Cambridge, MA 
Wednesday - Saturday 
12:00 - 5:00pm 
The i3C Group Exhibition 2022
The Veil Series: Tanya Hayes Lee
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